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We’re working to become the home of AI in the midlands. We believe that AI represents the most impactful technological shift humankind has ever seen, and we want to make sure that it is used for good. To this end, we’re doing three things:

Attend a Meetup

We meet at least once a month (usually more). Check out our schedule on

Check out our content!


How to volunteer

BrumAI is run entirely by volunteers for free. We think Birmingham can become the UK city of choice to start an AI startup and we think that’s well worth volunteering for. If you’d like to muck in and help make a big impact contact Peet through the Meetup Site

Who’s helping so far

What we need help with

Speaking at BrumAI

Speaking at BrumAI can be great way to get your ideas out there in the community. If you’re a researcher, or are using AI in your work please get in touch.